Every time I think the world is getting slightly better in keeping a woman’s dignity intact, disturbing events take place and we stoop to our lowermost selves. Time and again, we hear of atrocious stories. And this is yet another:

Doctors are taking selfies next to women’s vaginas after childbirth!

As if giving birth to a child wasn’t enough, now women have their vaginas being flaunted on Instagram. This particular photo is of Daniel Sanchez , a Venezuelan doctor, who’s currently facing disciplinary charges for uploading such a photo.

Image source: Metro.co.uk

‘Lady I can deliver your baby but first let me take a selfie’.

Although he claims to have taken consent from the woman in the picture, the Internet doesn’t buy it and there isn’t any concrete proof of the same. W ith 4,000 people signing a petition calling for Sanchez to face disciplinary action, he has set his Instagram profile to private, apologized for any misconduct, but denied taking the photograph himself!

Sanchez isn’t the only doctor caught doing this. #DeliveryRoom is increasingly popular on Instagram. Here’s what has been happening:


All of this is ‘okay’ because you can’t see the face, right? It’s only a portion of the vagina, right?


What’s worst? Doctors aren’t even ashamed of their actions. In the name of medicine and doing the ‘good’ deed of delivering a child, they fail to acknowledge all the wrong that has been happening.

In another example, a selfie of two doctors posing next to a naked, unconscious woman, undergoing a Cesarean appeared online. Seriously, what the f*** are we doing?

But, this isn’t all. Doctors are taking pride in yet another repelling activity called the ‘husband’s stitch’ where a woman’s vagina is given an extra stitch to make it ‘better’ for her husband.

Nurse Francisco Salgado, who uploaded a picture of an out-of-focus vagina alongside #thankfulhusbandstitch, is proof of such atrocities.


People have the right to flaunt their professions on social media. But does it allow them to violate someone else’s privacy to such extent? Women, time and again, are demeaned and disrespected, and these incidents are unpleasant as hell. What are we coming to?

H/T Metro