We’ve all heard of plenty of stories of people attempting to end their lives, but how often do you hear about dogs making such attempts? I mean dogs as easily one of the cheeriest creatures out there. And the alarming concentration of similar suicidal attempts by dogs in one place in particular got our attention.

The Overtoun Bridge in Scotland, UK – a 50 foot structure – seems to have a strange effect on dogs that fills them with an urge to leap over the edge. 600 dogs have made such attempts so far, as reported by Gazabpost , 50 of whom have lost their lives.


There have been numerous theories surrounding this phenomenon, but none quite as conclusive as one would hope. Some believe that the sound of the water below mesmerizes the dogs to luring them to it.

Others, meanwhile speculate that the bridge is in fact haunted by a mentally disturbed local man who threw his baby off the bridge long ago and now roams the bridge, somehow persuading dogs to jump to their ultimate fate.


More scientific explanaitions exist as well. Researchers say that the bridge’s construction and surrounding conditions cause a sensory overload on the dog’s sight, hearing and sense of smell causing severe confusion which possibly causes the pup to take that anxious leap.

The bridge has had enough incidents of this nature occur for authorities to actually have put up a warning notifying visitors of possible danger to their dogs.


Well, if you ever find yourself around that part of the world with your pooch, be sure to have him or her close to you on a leash. ‘Cause regardless of which theories we believe and which we don’t, the last thing you want to do, risk is your lil’ darling’s life.

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