Feeling beautiful or not, is a personal thing. Dove tried to do what it feels it does best, again. They installed labels on some doors in Shanghai, London, Sao Paulo, San Francisco and Delhi and marked them, ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Average’, to see which one women chose to use.

Here’s the film they created using the footage they shot.


Okay, I don’t know what was Dove’s intention behind this “film”. To me, a door is a door. But jokes aside, what is Dove trying to say here? Many people might be totally comfortable thinking they’re average. Achieving that much-hyped goal of beauty is not the primary goal for many. But then again, in Dove’s world EVERYONE is beautiful. Which would have been fine if they were not propagating beauty as something that’s on the outside.

And Unilever, Dove’s parent company, also owns Axe and Fair & Lovely. Think about that.

Sometimes, an ad, no matter how you label it, is still an ad. Just like a door is just a door.