After the mass be-headings and reports of sexual slavery, it's not like we needed more reasons to hate on ISIS. But time and again, they make it easier for us to do so. This time, they went after historical artefacts in Mosul Museum, citing their stance against idol worship.

Thank you, ISIS. Today I learnt people go to museums to pray.

Sometimes, I really wonder if the ISIS "fighters" are insanely smart or radically dumb. Yes, if you want the West to hate you, so that once they attack, you can go on a tirade about how Islam is under attack, then you're doing a great job. This explains why you do the crazy shit you do.

But then you also destroy valuable historic artefacts. Which is plain stupid. I mean, someone in the planning department in ISIS could have said - "Guys, we hate these statues. But the rest of the world loves them. So, let's just sell them off and make some money." But no, you had to take sledgehammers and go all Triple H on them. Idiots.

Anyway, here's the sad video.

Because nothing says 'take us seriously' like vandalism, right?