There is no correct answer when the question is “How to be a great dad?” but these pictures we found online might just be the closest thing ever.

Think kids are a burden? Use that to your advantage.

A great dad doesn’t ask questions when his child throws a make-believe tea party.

He drinks the fake tea and tells the kid how great it tastes.

Daughter wants to surf? No problem. Dad’s always there.

Sometimes, dads are the best make-up guys.

When you want a massage and your kids want to play…

Daughter wants to give you a pedicure? Say yes.

If she loves pink, be pink.

No seat for the kid? Improvise.

Your kid wants to feel strong? You make it happen.

Do what you can to make it easy for your kid to relate to you.

There’s a correct way to carry a baby. And then there’s a badass way of carrying one.

Daughter wants to dress up as the Big Bad Wolf? Then you be Little Red Riding Hood and play your part.

Kids feel like doing random push-ups? You join in.

Daughter wants you to wear a hair-clip? No problem. Do it.

Doesn’t matter how manly you are, if your kid wants to put make up on you, you sit still.

Your child wants a swing-set immediately? You see to it.


Dads are awesome. Hence, proved.