Honouring the title of ‘reality show’ a Norwegian show produced by Aftenposten, Norways’ most popular newspaper, served justice where it was due. In the five-part series, SweatShop Deadly Fashion, that was released online, a fashion blogger and two fashionistas were sent to work in a Cambodian sweat-shop that manufactures the clothes that they so dearly love and parade.

The three were sent to Phnom Penh without warning or premise – unaware that the show intended to use them to juxtapose Western excess with the acute economic disparity in the garment industry. Over the course of the show Anniken, Frida, and Ludvig are scarred by the inhuman working conditions, cramped living quarters, and sheer injustice of the industry.

The show wraps up on a positive note, the trio have sworn to help people realise the real cost of their clothes and raise more awareness about being fashion conscious.

You can watch the trailer to SweatShop Deadly Fashion here –