‘Everyone is equal but some people are more equal than others.’

Nothing stands more true than this statement when you compare your life to those living in the Saudi Arabia and the UAE. While most of us struggle to find enough change at the end of the month to even buy a cup of chai, some people there know nothing but luxury.

And we all do know that money can buy you all the luxuries but some of the things owned by the residents of Saudi Arabia and UAE are just outrageously cool yet bizarre.

In fact, a Saudi prince was recently in the news for booking seats on a commercial airliner for his 80 falcons! Here are 15 photos of Arabs that will make you feel a little more poor than you already are:

1. Their pets travel way better than you ever will.


2. While you struggle to buy yourself a car, the Arabs have theirs covered in gold.

Daily Bhaskar

3. Look at them stopping traffic while on vacay with their bling bling.

Daily Mail

4. Dogs and cats toh bohot mainstream ho jaayega. They prefer lions and cheetahs for pets.

Daily Mail

5. Their pets are used to all the big cars. Still a better life than yours?


6. Hence, the pets take drives with them while you don’t even know what the inside of a Merc looks like.


7. Prince Al Waleed’s residence has 317 rooms. Even the hotels here can’t even think of these many rooms.


8. He casually paid $4.8 million for a Ducati that was encrusted with diamonds and Swarovski crystals. Because why the heck not! 


9. While you struggle to pay for parking at the local market, they have garages for their cars in planes.


10. If the police comes to arrest you in a Lamborghini, would you be willing to go to jail?


11. The traffic jams there will make you feel a little bad about your bank balance.


12. The phones there cost more than your kidney.


13. An ATM machine that gives you gold, just in case you want a bar for sagan at a shaadi.


14. Even the Starbucks there is not what you can afford on most days.


15.  Even their media stunts are completely out of the box!


Doesn’t life seem unfair?