Earlier today, this video emerged on Reddit where you could see a couple of soldiers from the British Royal Marines stationed in Afghanistan handing some local kids a copy of an FHM magazine, with centrespreads featuring nude photos of glamour celeb and ex-pornstar, Jenna Jameson.

Check it out.

The reactions to this video might vary. Rightly so. First, to the soldiers handing out the magazine, this might be just another exercise where they're "fraternizing with the locals". If sharing porn with kids is their way of doing it, so be it. Or maybe they're representing a power that is here to "liberate" them from a regime that (at least for the record) frowns on pornography and erotica (let's for a moment conveniently ignore the fact that they found porn during the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden).

But it's not just that, is it? In which western country (or any other place) is it okay for an adult stranger to show pornography to underage kids?

But hey, they are soldiers, so I guess it's all okay and 'for the greater good', right?