Imgur user TheBassistsMuse , whose description about herself reads – ” I’m an Australian and I’m really fucking stupid “, got really drunk in a remote village in Canada and could not find her way back to where she was staying. So, she did something no Canadian would ever do – she passed out outdoors.

WARNING: Some of the images here are quite graphic.

Here she is, in the middle, while she was out drinking with friends.

But when you pass out outdoors in the Canadian winter, you’re introduced to this thing called frostbite. Which is what they saw when they found her.

This is a photo of her hand taken 20 minutes after they found her. The nurse told – best case scenario, they could save her fingers. Worst case – she would lose her arm.

And the next day, the blisters appeared.

Soon, she introduced to a doctor, whose name, believe it or not, was Dr. Freezin. Who told her not to pop the blisters. Because that’s his job.

But no time is a bad time for a self-portrait, right? She might call herself stupid, but you’ve got to give it up to her spirit. Having to open things with our elbows would piss many of us off. Good thing she was on opiates and painkillers most of the time.

Finally, Dr. Freezin cut open her blisters using a scalpel. Apparently there were puss explosions all around. She also claims to have hit the curtains with her puss.

Finally, this is what her fingers look like now. Lucky for her, the hand is safe. But it’s too early to talk about her fingers, especially her left pinkie and tip of her right middle finger.

So, the lesson here is, if you end up drunk in Canada during the winter, DO NOT pass out outdoors.