He might not wear a fancy superhero suit, drive a jaw-dropping ride or use cool gadgets, but he’s still a knight in shining armor for the city of Gotham. However, comics and movies have shown him as one in old dusted overcoats. It really is intriguing to think about how he must’ve dealt with the bad guys when there was no cape-clad vigilante to help him fight crime.

Here are 16 reasons why we think Jim Gordon is the REAL HERO of Gotham:

First things first, y ou need to forget everything you know about ‘Commissioner’ James Gordon.

He wasn’t always an old, bespectacled cop who used the bat-signal for every emergency!

Source: Newsarama

1. THIS is Detective Jim Gordon, the hero of Gotham you never knew too well.

…and he ain’t your uncle.

2. Long before Batman, this young GCPD officer fought crime without donning a mask.

3. When the chips were down in Gotham, this ex-military man decided to clean-up the streets.

4. He partnered with a system-defeated cop, Harvey Bullock…

5. Who was as tough – and as tarnished – as Gotham itself.

6. He had to be quick in understanding that the city is changing its course.

7. Though, there were some lines he just refused to cross.

8. But both of them were on the same side when it came to fighting crime!

9. And amidst all of this…

10. He had promises to keep.

11. Villainous predators to fight!

12. M ysterious crimes to solve.

13. And, face the biggest evil Gotham had ever seen.

14. All on the humble salary of a GCPD detective.

Guess what, not everybody is a born millionaire. Oh damn, too soon?

15. That too without getting his hands dirty!

16. What’s more, unknowingly, he also inspired a 12-year-old Bruce Wayne.

And you’re still thinking that he ain’t badass enough?!

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