Game of Thrones Season 5 finale created quite a buzz amongst its fans. A lot of us were taken aback, some of us liked it, most of us didn’t. But in any case, everyone had some theory or the other to put forth. We never know which one of these might end up in the next season. Some of these theories are super bizarre. And if you haven’t seen the last season, spoiler alert!

1. “Stannis Baratheon is not dead.”


2. “Jon Snow is Azor Ahai reincarnated. And not Stannis, as believed by Lady Melisandre.”

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3. “Tyrion is a Targaryen.”

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4. ” Undead Jon Snow is going to infiltrate the White Walkers and come across an even more powerful evil force up north. He’ll convince the Night’s Watch and the Wildlings to let the White Walkers settle south of the Wall because Super Winter is coming.”

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5. “Jon Snow will come back to life and defeat the Boltons. Completely in sync with Lady Melisandre’s vision. Only difference is that Jon takes the place of Stannis.”

Source: Winteriscoming

6. “Daenerys will be killed by her own dragons after she claims the throne.”

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7. “Roose Bolton is Immortal.”

I have no idea how this theory developed, but someone believes Roose Bolton is an immortal face thief.

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8. ” Jon Snow will lead the army of White Walkers against Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons.”

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9. “Dragonglass (used to kill White Walkers) is actually dragon poop.”

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10. ” Syrio Forel is alive and wasn’t killed by Lannister Guards. In fact, he could very well be Jaqen H’ghar, the faceless man, in disguise.”

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11. ” This show is going to end with Ramsay Bolton on the Iron Throne riding Daenerys’ dragons.”

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12. “Cersei and Jamie Lannister will officially marry after they take revenge for everything Cersei went through.”


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13. “Daario Naharis kills Ser Jorah Mormont.”

Source: Winteriscoming

14. “Jon Snow will fight as fire on the side of ice and will destroy Daenerys and her dragons which are such a threat to society.”

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15. ” Stannis who is alive will take the throne, Rickon will be Lord of Winterfell and Jon will be the King on the Wall (after Lady Melisandre brings him back), maintaining peace between ice and fire forever.”

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16. “There will be an epic battle between the White Walkers and the dragons, wherein the 7 kingdoms will unite to battle the undead.”

17. “Tyrion or Jaime will end up with Daenerys, Arya with Gendry, Melisandre will vanish in a burst of fire or something spectacular like that, Osha with Hodor!”

Source: Jeremysadler

18. ” Sansa will kill Lord Petyr Baelish a.k.a Littlefinger and take control of the Eyrie as the new Lady of the Vale, and will ally with Varys to protect the realm (because she will want nothing to do with men at this point).”

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19. ” Tommen Baratheon will remain on the Iron Throne, and will be Azor Ahai reborn!”

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20. ” Brienne will die trying to stop Jaime from killing Margery Tyrell. The Walkers will eat every Frey. Nobody cares about a Dornishman.”

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21. ” Tyrion will die towards the end because if there’s one thing GRRM has made clear, Westeros has no mercy for imps.”


22. ” J on Snow will die eventually after grooming Arya Stark to be the next Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, she becoming the first woman ever to take the black.”

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23. “Jon Snow is a Targaryen.”

Why else would his blood flow (after he’s murdered) shape into dragon wings in the snow? He has to be a dragon, who will soon be reborn.

Source: Forbes

Do you have a theory to add?