What is the wackiest birthday celebration that you’ve had? How crazy did you get? If you’re thinking of a wild drunken night, you are not even in contention. Even if you took a trip abroad, you aren’t really close. 

Stuff like skydiving is generally on our bucket list. But how many of us get to it? While we plan our birthdays like normal people and wait around for a miracle that might help us cross something off on that bucket list, there are people like Bettie Butler who live life to the fullest regardless of their age.

On 8th October, 2016, Bettie turned 95. And how did she celebrate it? She decided to perform a gravity defying jump from 13,000 feet. Yup, you read that right! 

She hopped on a plane with her 3 grandchildren & her niece and they all performed the jump. Could a grandmother be any cooler?

40 of their relatives were waiting down below with a cake for Bettie, who isn’t new to the ‘extreme’. For her 80th, she rode a jet ski and took a hot air balloon ride. 


In an interview with WTHR, Betty mentioned that she got the inspiration from former President George Bush, who did the same for his 85th.

“When I saw President George Bush do it, I thought I could do it too.”

Of all the types of inspiration you can draw from a political leader, this is by far the best. And it takes someone completely badass to actually pull it off. Watch the video of the coolest grandmother ever jumping from 13,000 feet to celebrate her 95th:

She did something at 95 what most of us won’t do in our entire lives. But this just goes on to prove that it is never too late to do what you really want.