Writing a resume is hard, especially if your special skills are “no special skills.” You start in high spirits thinking you will come up with something in the process of writing. However, eventually you realize you have just copy pasted everything and it sounds as cliched as any other resume. Well, as always Google can be your saviour. We hate Google autocomplete when it tries to finish our sentence in the most bizarre ways possible but after seeing this guy’s tweet, you are going to thank your lucky stars that Autocomplete exists. Because who doesn’t want a resume that will get you every job:

Just the fact that he is the chosen one should be enough to make recruiters go gaga over him. To add to that he can prove his guerrilla warfare proficiency mathematically! That’s clearly more than one can ask for. 

Evidently, no one in their right minds could have come up with such a hack. Twitter went berserk over the resume and few others tried their hands on it. Here is the outcome.

And these.

Or just these hilarious reactions

There are many other CVs which you can check out or better still, go make your own version. We are not sure if this will get you a job but you sure will have a good time discovering your ‘special skills’ you didn’t know existed.