And while the commute there might kill you before the hangover does, this does give us hope for a hangover-free future for the whole world. *hears Lennon’s ‘ Imagine ‘ in the background*

Friends, I believe the Gods have answered our deplorable prayers – nights of shameless binge drinking will not be followed by kill-me-now hangovers. Well, in Australia at least for that’s where the world’s first hangover clinic has opened up, reported The Lad Bible .

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We’ve all been there. Wake up in the morning LOOKING like P Diddy. Or this cat.

No amount of water, paracetamol or vada pao seem to give you any relief. And getting on with the day just does not seem like an option.

Well, the heroes over in Sydney, Australia have the answer to all your hangover woes. The treatment at this clinic can get you up and about in as little as half an hour by fitting you with a drip which will pump a ‘vitamin cocktail’ into your blood stream.

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“We’ve had a lot of people saying, ‘I can’t drink like I used to. I can’t recover like I used to,'” the Hangover Clinic’s Max Petro told 3 News .

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However, this angelic service does not come cheap. A 30-minute cure will put a $140 ( 6,778) dent in your wallet and the hour-long emancipator, that does come highly recommended for a healthier recovery than with fast food binging, will be a whopping $200 ( 9,683). And we’re betting good money that on New Year’s day they’ll be making good money.

So if you’re one of us perpetually-broke people, you may either want to go easy on the drinking as you grow older, or simply burrito yourself in a blanket and try the ancient drink-coffee-and-stay-in-bed recovery method till the end of time.

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But this may well be the beginning of a world where drinking is no longer only a young man’s game – possibly just the rich man’s, though. The future of drinking is here, ladies and gentlemen. Prepare to say goodbye to all the stewing in self-loathing because the night before went more than a bit out of hand.