We Potterheads pride ourselves over the houses we are sorted into, thanks to Pottermore. Just like the students at Hogwarts, our house becomes our home. We are partial and possessive about our house, and we defend it till death (well, not literally). 

Our house defines the kind of person we are. So recently, when our favourite Harry Potter stars – Rupert Grint, Evanna Lynch, Matthew Lewis and Bonnie Wright, took the Sorting Quiz on Pottermore to know which house they ‘truly’ belong to, we couldn’t be more excited. And you won’t believe what came out! 

Watch it here: 


While Ginny and Luna proved themselves to be true Gryffindors, Ron and Neville were sorted into Hufflepuff. Are we happy about it? Well, of course we are! Haven’t they proved their loyalties towards Harry enough times? And that is a valued trait of Hufflepuffs. 

Watch the full sorting videos here.

Masthead Image: Pottermore | Feature Image: Youtube