A migrant construction worker from Chennai was dubbed a hero in Singapore after he successfully rescued a toddler who was dangling precariously from the ledge of a building after her head got stuck in the railing.

According to blogger Alvin Lim, whose friend shot the footage, people gathered near the building on hearing the cries of the toddler, who was stuck in the second-floor balcony railing. Two men even tried to help the kid but they were unable to climb up. That’s when two construction workers, who were working on some road repairs nearby, showed up. One helped the other to climb up and free the baby.

Here are the two short videos uploaded by Alvin Lim.

By the time the firefighters had arrived at the scene, the workers had managed to free the child from the railing. She was then brought down to safety with the help of a ladder.

The worker from Chennai, who climbed first, was identified as Shanmuganathan. The Singapore Civil Defence Force will now honour the bravery of both workers by bestowing them with the Public Spiritedness Award.

In the past, tensions have flared between the locals and the growing migrant population in Singapore. Let’s hope this incident will help people somewhat resolve their differences.

h/t Huffington Post .