Like anti-ageing creams, fairness creams with a scale, and society’s passing judgements were not enough, we now have a website developed by Zurich University that uses artificial intelligence and promises its users to compartmentalise their attractiveness rated on a scale of ‘hmm’ to ‘Godlike’. 

Like judging your age wasn’t enough, they have an app which offers the option of meeting other ‘attractive’ people near you, including those who happen to be in the same club or bar as you. Sure as hell your eyes will do the best job when it comes to it, but the app guarantees you won’t encounter ‘a fake or a creep’ – guess only an AI can do this!

Now there are people who might have scored low, or are furious with the website, or got their age multiplied by 20 or something and felt like walking into a wall. Like a Reddit user says, “Sorry, we couldn’t detect a face. Well, that’s a way of putting it :(“. 

In order to maintain a let-us-be-sensitive status, they have added a ‘Do I Have To Take This Seriously?’ button. 

It states:

  • “Attractiveness is highly subjective and its perception differs from culture to culture.”
  • “Our algorithm is trained on the pictures of the BLINQ community that is mainly based in Switzerland. In other parts of the world the perception might be very different.”
  • “We do not show results for underaged people. Please only use our tool if you have reached adult age.
  • “We do not save the uploaded image.”
  • “Have fun and don’t take the results too seriously.”

Users are uploading images of their pets and noting the AI’s judgment on it.

Looks like the AI efficiently rates inanimate objects too. Case in point:

Go ahead and have fun!