You might look at the image above and think that you’re looking at a side-by-side comparison of night and day, or the mountains and the desert. But you’d be wrong. You’d be very wrong. In fact, you are so wrong that the answer isn’t on the same planet anymore. 

Read on to find out exactly what that mysterious image is all about! 

In 2011, we sent the Curiosity rover on a one-way mission to Mars. And this is what it sent back! 

The image on the left is what Martians would see when they looked up at the sky and wanted to pinpoint Earth, the image on the right is us looking back.

These photos show us exactly how small we are on a planetary scale. We’re just a little dot in the sky!

After basking in a particularly romantic Martian sunset, the rover snapped a photo of Earth in the night sky. 

See that little dot? That’s us. That’s everything you and me have ever known. 

Every person you’ve loved, lost, hated and bonded with. Every memory you have, every story you’ve shared, took place on that little dot in the dark, dark Martian sky. 

Maybe, just maybe, in the future, the human race will soar among the stars and we’ll look back at this image and know that it all started here!