Last Saturday, we were delighted to see NASA astronaut Terry W. Virts’ Vine video that showed a lightning storm over India . Like any self-respecting geek, this author then decided to stalk Virts’ Twitter account. Turns out that it’s a treasure trove of amazing videos and images of the Earth taken from the International Space Station, which is where Virts’ is stationed currently.

Here’s an image of the city lights over southern India. If you know your maps well, you can point out Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad on this.

He even zoomed in on Chennai.

You can also follow Terry W. Virts on Vine, where we has been uploading some breathtaking videos of places are captured via one of the four exterior HD cameras on the ISS.

Here’s a video of the ISS gliding over India’s gangetic plains.

And here’s a video of nighttime over India’s east coast.