We Indians are fond of English music. And there is no way that we’d miss out on an interesting music video made by any of the pop icons we follow.

If you follow Rihanna, chances are you guys would have seen her latest music video, Bitch Better Have My Money where she’s pulling off a complete badass gangsta chic role along with 3 other women.

Source: Youtube

One of RiRi’s henchwomen in the video is this desi badass chic who’s caught our attention:

Wondering how she got there? Well, Rihanna found her on Instagram ! Meet trustmedaddy aka Sanam:

You might think she’s an actress, but she’s not. She’s actually a visual artist.

Here’s some of her work:


A photo posted by @trustmedaddy on

Rihanna, in an interview with Vice , mentioned how nervous she was to approach Sanam for the video. Sanam was completely taken aback to hear about it.

Sanam is a 25-year-old living in Seattle and according to her interview with Vice , Rihanna began following her on Instagram three months prior to the video’s official shoot. She’d then sent Sanam a mysterious message inviting her to collaborate on an unspecified project.

Imagine that! A mysterious message from @badgalriri ! RiRi’s reason for approaching Sanam was this selfie:

u gotta rub me da right way

A photo posted by @trustmedaddy on

Here’s the team of BBHMM at the time of the video shoot:

When u all wondering where the money at #bbhmm #bts

A photo posted by @trustmedaddy on

Also, the pop queen posted this on her Instagram account before the video’s formal release:

My henchmen! #BBHMMvideo Who’s ready???!! #MIDNIGHT EST. on #VEVO

A photo posted by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

Today, Sanam is on first name basis with ‘Rih’ and is racking up all the Internet fame. #LivingTheLife

It’s lit #BBHMM

A photo posted by @trustmedaddy on

Clearly, life can be very unpredictable. But the moral of the story is: Keep your Instagram selfies coming, people! Who knows, tomorrow you might get your big break!

Article sourced from Buzzfeed .