The prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, made it in the news throughout 2017. 

From implementing liberal policies to photobombing pictures, he proved over and over again that he’s indeed the coolest one around!

Here are 13 things he did in 2017 that made us fall in love with him, all over again! 

1. When he took a stand on social media against the temporary US ban on refugees and immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries

2. When he hailed the Women’s March in Canada as inspirational, inspiring a number of people to come out in support of women’s rights 


3. When he urged for love and unity in the wake of the deadly mosque shooting in Quebec City


4. When he casually chatted with customers at Jollibee while ordering food before proceeding to the venue for the 31st Association of South East Asian Nations Summit

5. When he met his namesake who was equally pretty and the picture made us go aww!


6. When he photobombed a prom picture, giving the students memories of a lifetime!


7. When he was photographed running, giving us major #fitnessgoals 


8. When he met the Queen of England and made her laugh!


9. When he wished us ‘Happy Diwali’ looking flawless in a sherwani!


10. When he participated in Toronto’s Pride Parade and won everyone’s hearts!


11. When he wore Star Wars socks showing us is his inner style icon!


12. When he wowed the crowd at the India Day Unity Parade in Montreal by appearing in a purple kurta and concluding his speech with “Jai Hind”! 


13. When he took his 3-year-old son, Hadrien Trudeau, to work & Junior Trudeau won over the internet!


Justin Trudeau, forever!