Every time someone starts a sentence with “real women…” or “real men…”, run as far as you can. The idea that one has to always define one’s gender by doing certain things and avoiding certain others is not only seriously problematic, but also plain annoying.

Photographer and mother-of-two, Kate T. Parker, has over time clicked some amazing candid pictures of her daughters Ella (9) and Alice (6), and their friends participating in outdoorsy activities. She has now compiled them into a series she calls ‘Strong is the new pretty’ – an attempt to break stereotypes surrounding little girls. However she clarifies that she is in no way against girls who like traditionally feminine things. She has nothing against tutus or the color pink. In fact, she believes that parents should celebrate whatever their kids are into.

Check out these amazing shots.

To check out more photos from Kate T. Parker, visit her website .

H/T Daily Mail .