As kids, we would excitedly wake up on Christmas morning hoping that a bearded man in red & white would’ve left us presents. I remember wishing for gifts every year and rarely sending a letter to Santa. But I do remember writing those in school. I’m pretty sure they never made it to a post box but they were fairly graded and given back to us, with corrections and red marks all over the place. 

I always wondered if these letters ever reached Santa Claus, would he bother about sentence formation and grammatical errors or would he simply get on with the wish list? Well, as I grew up, I realized that the people who put gifts next to my bed on Xmas mornings weren’t elves or a bearded man in red & white but my parents (Duh!). 


But as a young lad, it was a wonderful feeling to know that there is a man out there delivering presents to us kids, making wishes come true. There are millions around the world who pray for gifts and happiness from Santa. Innocent hands that draft letters to the man who everyone believes resides in the North Pole.

Have you ever wondered that if you do address the letters to Santa in the North Pole, what happens to them?


Well, the answer to that lies in the beautiful capital city of Nuuk in Greenland.


All the letters that are properly posted and addressed to ‘Santa Claus – the North Pole’, end up in his huge mail box located in Nuuk. The address is actually ‘Santa Claus, 2412 Nuuk, Greenland’. And it serves as the official letter box of Santa Claus!

dave walsh

That pillar box is pretty big in size. Here’s a photo that’ll give you some perspective.


Letters that are sent here mostly get replies but whether your wishes come true or not, is a matter between you & the fat-bellied man. Even though I know Santa doesn’t exist, it is some reconciliation for my younger self that those letters do end up somewhere. 

Now that Christmas is around the corner, maybe it’s time for one more letter!