You know what’s worse than being stuck in an elevator? Being stuck in one when you really have to answer nature’s call. This might sound like one of those I’ll-never-have-face-this kind of problems, but if you’re in Japan, which has been the focal point of countless earthquake related tragedies throughout its history, you may see some logic behind this.


When you imagine a fully plumbed potty attached to elevators going up and down Japanese skyscrapers, you might be tempted to pause and think for a moment – Has Japanese technology gone too far this time?

According to Japan’s infrastructure ministry and toilet manufacturers, this could soon be a possibility.

Some toilets in Japan already have something like this installed.


But why this sudden need to build toilets in elevators? Well, recently when an 8.1 magnitude hit Japan, about 14,000 people were said to have been stuck in elevators. In some cases, it took more than an hour to get the people out.

So yes, when it’s Japan, this plan makes a whole lot of sense.

(h/t WashingtonPost )