Many things went wrong in 2017 and as the year ends, there are listicles for them everywhere.

Just like many of us, a 20-year-old biology major at the University of Iowa, was tired of the negativity and decided to do something about it. 

So Jacob Atkins started a Twitter thread where he listed all the good things that happened last year.

He tweeted:

And these were some of the positive things Jacob reminded us about:

Restoring mother Earth.

Because everyone deserves a roof above their heads.

Not endangered, anymore.

A major breakthrough. 

Sting like a bee.

Providing employment, the sustainable way. 

Restoring the damage.

Such a happy news!

The list, aimed at spreading positivity, did its work and people thanked Atkins for his efforts. 

They also added some more points to the list.

There is always some good even if it’s hard to see.