I cannot be the only one who's lamented the fact that Marvel and DC are two separate universes. The kid inside me keeps on whining about how Batman never had to face Deadpool, or how the righteous duo Captain America and Superman never went all tag-team on the bad guys.

Artist Eric Guzman has taken it one step further by re-imagining a mash-up of Marvel and DC characters and coming up with really interesting characters. Check it out.

Spider-man and Batman

Captain America and Superman

Daredevil and Nightwing

Thor and Shazam

Venom and Bane

Red Skull and Darkseid

Kraven the Hunter and Deadshot

Mysterio and The Riddler

Doctor Octopus and Mr. Freeze

Green Goblin and The Joker

The Vulture and Scarecrow

Deadpool and Deathstroke

The Scorpion and Poison Ivy

All images by Eric Guzman .