With a reunion happening next month, F.R.I.E.N.D.S has been a hot topic of dining table discussions and gossips. While we might remember each and every scene that featured our adorable Chandler, comes out that he does not!

The beloved actor, who played Chandler on the show, earlier mentioned that he will not be part of special on-screen reunion scheduled for February.

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That news left many fans heartbroken.

But the idea of seeing the rest still gave us all a sense of comfort.

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We had barely gotten over the fact that we won’t see the Chan Chan man, that we heard another shocker from the man himself.

The man ‘who makes jokes when he’s uncomfortable’ recently went on a radio show where he confessed to not remembering 3 years worth of F.R.I.R.N.D.S episodes. 


When he was asked about his least favourite episode from the series on Chris Evans’ Radio 2 Breakfast Show, he said: “I don’t remember three years of it, so none of those. I was a little bit out of it at the time. Somewhere between seasons three and six.”

Now three years is a long time. But the reason for that probably was his rehabilitation process, which was at its peak during that time.

Perry had entered rehab for Vicodin addiction and later for addiction to opioids, amphetamines and alcohol.


According to Daily mail, there was a time when he drank two pints of vodka a day and popped up to 30 tablets.

But Matthew Perry fought back. Since 2013, he has been running a sober living home at his Malibu mansion called the Perry House.

He works with recovering addicts. A dose of Chandler a day, may just help them keep the drugs away.