There are all kinds of weird people in the world.

But Michel Lotito in particular seems to occupy one of the top slots.

So, he ate metal. He loved it. He indulged in it day and night.

It was due to a medical condition called Pica, which built his appetite for non-food items such as glass, metal, rubber, etc.


He enjoyed TVs and bicycles, nails and bulbs. You name it, he ate it.

But that wasn’t enough. He needed to go big and really, really treat himself.

So, he decided to begin the biggest ever feast of his life… an entire Cessna 150 airplane.

He actually devoured it, piece by piece – a full-blown flying machine went into his stomach.

b’Source: pumpdown’

Digest that.

No surprise that he polished off 9 tons of metal between 1959 and 1997.

Now, you might be wondering how such sharp objects didn’t puncture his system once they were consumed. Or how he didn’t die of poisoning or internal bleeding.

Well, not just his diet, his body was super strange too.


Apparently, doctors discovered that Lotito had a “very thick” lining in his stomach and intestines, preventing any kind of fatal damage.

Now you must be thinking about how he swallowed such lethal stuff.

He had mastered the art of that too!

He downed his ‘food’ with lots of mineral oil and water which served as lubricants. This allowed the objects to slither through Lotito’s throat and all the way to the bottom.


And lastly, how in the world did he take a shit? You’d imagine that dump time might have been quite a pain in the ass for him. Quite literally.

Was he dropping nuts and nails in the pot?

Well, we’ll never know that. But he did claim that had no problems “passing” his excretions.

We’d all like to believe that.


Interestingly, he was cool with metal and stuff but couldn’t keep bananas or eggs inside. Our kind of food was just not for the man.

Also, here’s a video. See the Metal Man and his bizarre eating habits for yourself!