But as the case of his death unraveled over the year, evidence emerged that showed that on more than one occasion, Conrad was on the backfoot, when it came to the idea of taking his own life, but it was Michelle who ‘convinced him’ to go through with the act.

Conrad Roy III, from Fairhaven, Massachusetts, was 18-years-old and battling with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. His girlfriend, Michelle Carter, also 18, was one of the few people he could talk to about his feelings and everything else that he was going through.

Last year, Conrad Roy III, was found dead inside a car in Fairhaven. The cause of death was carbon monoxide poisoning.

Here are some chilling excerpts from their text messages.

Any sane person reading this can see Conrad was crying out for help, for some kind of emotional support. But all Michelle did was push him further towards the edge.

Here are the messages Conrad and Michelle exchanged on the morning of July 12th, starting at 4:19 AM, before Conrad was forced to kill himself.

The conversation continued later that afternoon.

5:08 PM – Conrad returned from the beach and wanted to back out.

The last message was sent at 6:25 PM.

Following this exchange, Michelle went out of the house and talked to Conrad for 43 minutes. According to the court documents, there was a moment when Conrad panicked and stepped out of the car, but Michelle allegedly convinced him to get back inside the car.

They found Conrad’s body in his pick up truck after he was reported missing.

What’s even more bizarre, after the news of Conrad’s death spread, this is how Michelle reacted on Twitter –

(This is a screenshot of her account retrieved from from the web archives )

Conrad Roy III

Michelle Carter

You can access the details of the case here .

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