Our lives today are encumbered by the wires and the wireless, of gadgets, of ambition, of greed and of sleepless nights staring at stacks of white paper with words as meaningless as our very existence.

Meet Mike Basich, champion snowboarder, who chose to live his life differently. A cute house atop a snow-capped mountain that he made with his bare hands, serenity all around and a yellow sunset and a warm sunrise a daily view – he’s living his dream.

Fresh water from nearby creeks, food cooked on firewood, a cozy bed in the loft and an adorable dog as a companion, Mike has it all.

From a professional skateboarder to a zen DIY-magician, you need to watch Mike’s journey if only to realize what true contentment means.

Now look at the clock in the corner of your screen, ticking away minutes of your life.

Disconnect. Be free.