11 year-old kids don’t usually have the best passwords for their online needs. In fact, I’m 24 and my own passwords are as elementary as can be. Mira Modi, a sixth grader from New York believes in actually protecting yourself from the hacking that will inevitably befall all our lazy password-making butts however.

She’s started her own website called Dicewarepasswords which generates and sells cryptographically secure passwords using diceware to customers for $2 a pop.

Source – Techtimes

The Diceware program works by rolling a dice to reveal different combinations of numbers, which are then matched to a list of English words in a random pattern that makes it difficult to decode. Mira first got on the Diceware bandwagon when her mom employed her to generate Diceware passphrases as part of research for a book.

Source – Fossbytes

“This whole concept of making your own passwords and being super secure and stuff, I don’t think my friends understand that, but I think it’s cool. Now we have such good computers, people can hack into anything so much more quickly,” Mira said, when speaking to Arstechnica .

Kids don’t always say the darndest things I guess.