Melanie Gaydos, a 27-year-old, full-time model stands out in the crowd and makes heads turn for all the right reasons. Her distinct appearance will smash your stereotypical idea of beauty and grace. Melanie suffers from a rare genetic disorder, Ectodermal D ysplasia that affects her teeth, hair and skin. In spite of  being bullied as a kid for being ‘different’, she has now become a symbol of hope and courage for people battling with self-esteem issues.

Her career took off, after she started replying to Craigslist ads, ‘Looking for unique models’. And now she’s storming the fashion industry!

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Modelling for her, was knowing and empowering herself to live life sans the wig. In her own body, as herself.

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This extra-ordinary woman, is not just a model but also an arts graduate.

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For all those who know Rammstein- She featured in their ‘Mein Herz Brennt’ video.

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She’s fierce and fearless. So much that she refused to have any enhancements done on her.

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She’s sassy, she’s goofy and she’s crazy about her pet gecko!

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She’s also a part of ‘The What’s Underneath’ series that seeks to change the way people perceive ‘beauty’ and ‘style’.

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Fighting all odds, this lady is sure an inspiration.