Remember that time when you obsessed about what sari you will wear to the school graduation? Or the time you were figuring out how to sneak in some alcohol with your boys? And then, when you left the school grounds after the farewell, your parents were waiting to pick you outside.

Yeah, life is not fair. Because what we are about to share is going to make you wish that you are born in Norway in your next birth. 

Every spring, when they graduate from high school, Norwegian teens celebrate what is called “russefeiring” or “the russ,” and it is *drum rolls* a month-long celebration that includes drinking, roadtrip, party buses, wild dares, and a lot of sex. 

It is possibly the craziest teen rave party in the world that starts in mid-April and lasts until Norwegian National Day that is celebrated on May 17.

You know you are dealing with a russ because they are donning personalized blue and red overalls called russebukse.


And they move in these amazing party buses that they collectively hire. 


 And they partay!

They go for music festivals, road trips and pretty much have a killer time!


There music festivals are lit and how!

One of the biggest music festivals is at a theme park in Kongeparken, which becomes a concert venue for three days!

Did we mention that there is LOT of alcohol just flowing around! Seriously, best of luck finding someone sober. 

Then there are crazy-ass dares that these guys take up. No, none of your “Kiss Shikha for 5 minutes on the lips” *Giggles*. They range from finishing a Big Mac burger in two bites to pole dancing for five minutes on a street light in a crowded place. Crazier still? Sex in the woods. And swallow (yes it means what you think it means). 

 But of course, no glove no love. 


The whole rite of passage is so darn exciting that even their cops are amped up!

Because you would think it is illegal, but it is not! It is in fact encouraged!


Until the month gets over and its the National Day in Norway. 

These guys then take part in the parade or they parade on their own in groups!

 Ishwar, agley janam mohe Norwegian hi kijo!