Barrack Obama, apart from being one of the most influential presidents the world has seen, has been setting family goals since forever! And yet again to prove this, he may have found the perfect home for his family.

According to reports, Obama is not planning to leave Washington for a long time. After the family vacates the White House in January 2017, they intend to move in to an upscale embassy locale in the Kalorama neighbourhood of D.C. The house is near Bill Clinton’s D.C. home and is also just 3 kilometers from the White House.

During a recent lunch in Milwaukee, Obama himself revealed:

We’re going to have to stay a couple of years in D.C. probably so Sasha can finish.

 Transferring someone in the middle of high school? Tough.

Obama is very close to his wife and daughters. He raises his daughters away from the media glare so that they lead lives as normal as is possible while being daughters of the POTUS. He is known to be a fun dad to Malia and Sasha, who say that he teeters to be on the edge of being embarrassing at times.

As for the house the family plans to lease, it has a  breath-taking view and is an 8,200-square-foot brick Tudor, and would roughly cost $22,000 ( Yes! That’s approximately 15 lakhs!) for one-month rent.

It was built around 1928 and has 8,200 square meters of space.

The house has 9 bedrooms, 8 and a half bathrooms, 3 fireplaces and a vast terrace and parking area. But apparently, the security arrangements need to be fixed.

The house reportedly belongs to Joe Lockhart, Glover Park Group co-founder, and former White House Press Secretary and his wife, Giovanna Gray Lockhart who is the Washington editor of Glamour. 


Watch this video tour of the house to feel very, very jealous of the Obamas!

*Sobs in the corner of my 1 BHK*

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