The entire country celebrated India’s Moon mission Chandrayaan 3 landing on the lunar south pole yesterday. This achievement has made India one of the only four countries to have landed on the moon. So, you can imagine how big of a deal this is. But as this historical moment took place, an old clip of a BBC anchor asking a bizarre question also went viral.

Moon, BBC
Credit: Twitter

In the video, the anchor is seen asking, “Should India which lacks Infrastructure and has extreme poverty, where more than 700 million people don’t have access to toilets, should they be spending this much amount of money on a space program?” And wow, do they realise that their question reeks of ignorance?

I mean, this could be used as a great example to explain to someone what talking to a white, middle-aged man looks like. Not only are this gentleman’s words tone-deaf, they’re coming off as arrogant, entitled and uninformed. I wonder if he ever realised that we’re no longer living under colonialism and British white folks don’t have to come over and ‘save’ us or try to help us take care of our finances?

Well, this is how people have responded to the bizarre question. Not one desi person left a stone unturned in being witty and sassy AF.

Oof, we can smell the burn all the way here.