The English language is a vast and expansive treasure of expression. And we know so little of it! I mean, have you ever wondered what the classiest way is to compliment an absolutely stunning behind, to mask your hangover, or to describe the constant hunger you feel in archaic words? Well, wonder no more. Here are 26 Old-English words that we feel you, nay, we all could use in our crazy lives.

Gosh, literally everyone knows at least one of those!

We could certainly use a more dignified way to address our politicians. ‘Cause sometimes saying a**hole is just beneath you.

For when you need the perfect word to describe that idiotic slumber you find yourself in.

*ahem* I believe the appeal for this word is in the definition itself.

A word that you might think of on those days you’re devastatingly philogrobolized.

I like to think the more common C-word may have stemmed from this glorious word. Feel free to use it for your boss, your teacher or a significant other during a fight.

Because chup-chaap, and jaldi-jaldi are way too passé.

Dream of grufeling on Monday afternoons? Yeah. We do too.

I didn’t even know there was a WORD for that! You are not alone, fellow clinomaniacs. *sniff*

Dollar dollar bill y’all, amirite?

Basically, stall till you fall. We could use as many ways to say this as possible.

So that’s what I’ve been doing all these years!

Heh. One in every group. Cheapskate!

Every. Monday. Morning.

*wipes tear* I have been looking for this word all my life.

Looking at you, adorable dogs of the world. And a lot of younger siblings.

Another word for umm.. The Internet?

And it gets annoying, too. The twattling tw*ts.

And there is no dearth of swindlers in life, now, is there?

What better time for this word than right now? Go out and get your apricity on, yo!

Yes. A word exclusively for those damned expergefactors. You’re welcome.

I like callipygians and I cannot lie.

Yes, so when you hit snooze for the seventh time, you can tell your judgy alarm clock you’ve got dysania.

Cunctators also unite… Tomorrow.

“I’ll tell you, but you’ve got to promise me you won’t tell ANYONE…”

Because why the eff not! When in doubt, pizzle whoever is in front of you. PIZZLE THEM ALL!

There you have it. The marvel that is language. Go forth and spread the word, people. Get it?! Spread the WORD.

*long pause* I’ll show myself out.