How do you bypass all the nationalistic jingoism and tell ordinary Americans that their very own government is infringing on their much-cherished privacy under the guise of national security? It's simple. You tell them their 'dick pics' can be seen by the government. Anything to simplify a complex problem for the masses, eh?

But who would do such a bizarre thing? Well, trust comedian/talk show host, John Oliver, to pull it off. And he did it by going all the way to Russia and schedule a meet with none other than Edward Snowden, the hero whistleblower who is now forced to live outside his home country.

Check it out.

Source - CQ Mag

But just in case the video above is removed from YouTube for copyright reasons, you can watch the entire main segment of the show here.

Source - Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

All dick jokes aside, the question still remains - when it comes to the government, how much power is too much?