In Greek mythology, Pegasus is seen as a divine creature who helped heroes like Bellerophon and Perseus in their legendary exploits. Filmmaker Dave Meinert, rescued a Great Dane puppy, also named Pegasus, who was neglected by her previous owner. She has a pigment deficiency defect which can lead to deafness and blindness.

But I guess she lived up to her name. While most of her siblings were either dead or deformed, Pegasus managed to survive without any other major complications.

When Meinert adopted her, he wasn’t sure how long she’d live. But he gave her the best care possible while documenting her life everyday. This is a short time-lapse of Pegasus’ life on her treadmill, that shows her growing from a puppy into adulthood.

I’d like to think of this aww-inducing film, titled The Pegasus Project , as the Boyhood of the canine world, a Puppy-hood , if you will. It might not be as long as Richard Linklater’s film but let’s try to look at it using the ‘dog years’ filter.

Check it out.

Source – Dave Meinert