In this era of technology, social media is something that takes most of our energy and time. From posting regular experiences and updates to uploading pictures and videos of everyday life, everything has to be on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. However, anything inappropriate related to you on social media or even in magazines and newspapers can sometimes lead to something bad, for instance, it can cost you your job. 

And in these cases, it did. 

Here’s a list of ten people who were fired from their job because of their ‘sexy’ pictures:

1. Geraldo Rivera, Fox News Anchor & Public Speaker

Geraldo Rivera’s nude self shot photo captioned “70 is the new 50” got him fired after it went viral on social media.

When Emmy award winner and Fox News anchor Geraldo Rivera shared his nude self shot photo on Twitter in 2013, he wouldn’t have imagined that it could lead to something serious. Rivera, who was scheduled to moderate a prestigious panel discussion at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy was asked to leave from the discussion and got fired from his job after the photo went viral. The photo was captioned “70 is the new 50”.

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2. Sarah Hunter

Sarah Hunter was fired from two part-time jobs because she was working as a fetish model. 

Sarah Hunter, a fetish model by profession was fired not once but twice from her part-time jobs as a restaurant hostess and a waitress and that too in two months time. In an ‘at-will employment state’ like Pennysylvania, employers can fire anyone they desire by giving any reason, as long as they are not discriminating the employee. “I know plenty of very educated, very intelligent women, myself included, who get into the sex industry because it’s what they enjoy, it’s what they like and they’re good at it. But that doesn’t, in any way, make someone less capable of doing any other kind of job”, Hunter said.



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3. Clare Deloughrey, Firefighter

Deloughrey got fired for her revealing photos that her friend took for his website.

Clare Deloughrey, a firefighter, posed for several revealing photographs for her friend who was a photographer. When her place of employment found out about the photos (as they got published on the photographer’s website!), she was immediately fired. However, her place of employment clarified that it was not because she posed like that but because she used their logo in some of the pictures without permission.





4. Olivia Sprauer, Teacher

She was immediately fired after the school authorities found out about her modelling gigs.

Olivia Sprauer, a high school English teacher was working part-time as a lingerie model in Florida when the school authorities found out about her modelling gigs. She was immediately fired the moment she admitted that it was her in the pictures.

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5. Ian Jett & Cameron Boggs, Subway workers

Posting pictures of doing disgusting things at work made Jett and Boggs lose their job.

Subway workers, Ian Jett & Cameron Boggs posted pictures of them doing disgusting things at work which ultimately got them fired. One of the pictures shows Ian Jett placing his genitals on a loaf of bread along with the caption, “My name is @ianjett and I will be your sandwich artist today”. Another photo, the one taken by Cameron Boggs, shows a water bottle filled with yellow liquid along with the caption, “Today at work I froze me pee”.

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6. Karina Sarkissova, Ballerina

Her naked pictures in popular men’s magazines cost Karina her ballet career.

Russian ballerina, Karina Sarkissova, was working for an opera, when the authorities found out about her naked pictures in two popular men’s magazines. Sarkissova was previously warned for the first occurrence of nude pictures, but she ignored the warning and did it again just a few weeks later, which eventually cost Karina her career.

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7.Matthew Maleski, Special Education Teacher

This Special Education teacher lost his $56,048 job for his racy images on social media websites.

Matthew Maleski, an Occupational Therapist and Special Education teacher, lost his $56,048 job for his racy images and his bad decisions. Maleski not only posted his shirtless photos and videos showing his ‘grinding’ moves on social media websites but was also replying to sex ads using an email account that was shared by several other teachers at the school.

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8. Tracy Chandler, Soccer Mascot

Chandler was fired for posing in lingerie for a newspaper to help aid a children’s charity.

Tracy Chandler, Britain’s only female mascot named ‘Donny Dog’ for the Doncaster Rovers (an English soccer club in Britain) was asked to resign from her job when she posed in lingerie for a newspaper to help aid a children’s charity. She complained about it as male players of the club were allowed to pose nude for the same charity few years earlier. Ultimately, she got her job back. 





9. Penny Dane, Sergeant

She resigned from her job as a Sergeant after her pornographic photos in her police uniform were discovered.

In 2013, Penny Dane accused one of her co-workers of sexual harassment. While the investigation was going on, the authorities discovered her own pornographic photos, some of which were even in her police uniform. They also discovered that the Sergeant had been uploading these photos on sex websites. She eventually resigned from her job.

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10. Tiffany Webb, Guidance Counselor

Webb was fired because of her unsuitable pictures that were taken twelve years earlier.

A high school guidance counselor, Tiffany Webb, working in Manhattan for twelve years was fired because of her unsuitable pictures that were taken twelve years earlier. The reason of such pictures was that in her early 20s and late teen years, Webb worked as a lingerie model. She was questioned several times before she was asked to leave. The photos were accessible to students which made the complaint even more serious.

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Because the Internet will never let you forget.

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