Isn’t it fascinating to see two people having identical features, wearing a similar set of clothes and sometimes even mimicking each other’s antics? Well, now imagine if there were a hundred of these put together in one place! Yes. That actually happens. World’s largest twin festival called Twinsburg festival in Ohio is an annual gathering celebrating twins.

Bishop Donald Hayes’s Photos

These pictures from the festival will make you feel dizzy. 

Tom Kublik

The festival kicked off in 1976 and is organised on the first weekend in August ever since. 

This year, it will step into its 41st year. 

Bishop Donald Hayes’s Photos

Yes. The exact same face! 




Can you tell they’re not one person!?

Daily Mail

Can’t not look twice

Pretty twins in pretty pink!


My eyes!


Here, check out this video capturing the fun festival:

Fascinating, ain’t it?