When it comes to devious plotting, planning, thinking of ways to rob a bank, a jewellery shop or just smuggling drugs, humans are quite ingenious. 

In the past, there have been reports of people caught smuggling drugs in their stomach, in a shoe heel, in breast implants, in croissants, in books, inside sculptures… and, well, the list just never ends. 

But have you ever heard of a pigeon being arrested for smuggling drugs? Neither have we! But fret not, we humans have managed to hijack the flora and fauna as well.  


According to a report by Al Arabiya English, Kuwait Customs Authority caught a pigeon that was carrying 178 ecstasy pills wrapped around it. Beat that! 


While pigeons were trained to deliver messages back in the day, one would’ve never thought that some day they’d be used to smuggle drugs as well. 

According to reports, carrier pigeons are increasingly been used to smuggle drugs because of their spectacular ability to fly up to 150 km without stopping and because they can carry 10% of their body weight. 


What has the world come to? Even pigeons have lost their innocence. Doomsday is definitely nigh!