Mar 28, 2015 at 04:25

Cops In Indonesia Accidentally Get Entire Town High By Burning 3.3-Ton Pile Of Marijuana

by Raj Das

If you're a weed smoker, chances are you know at least one person who claims to 'totally lose it' or 'have headaches' while smoking up. In Indonesia, this recently happened to an entire town.

Image source - Independent

Indonesian police confiscated 3.3 tons of marijuana. Now, Marijuana 101 tells us that the easiest way to dispose of 'dem greens' is to burn it. So that's exactly what the cops did. They set the 3.3-ton pile of confiscated cannabis (yay alliteration) and set it on fire.

But the police station is right next to a town near West Jakarta. So it was only natural for the huge cloud of smoke to have some effect of the locals. People in the area started getting headaches and feeling dizzy. No, we're not talking about the cops here. They had the foresight to wear gas masks before going all Rambo on the grass but the townspeople ended up getting high as a kite.

Just so you know, they usually sentence drug traffickers to death in Indonesia. Guess the cops were lucky because this was an "accident".

We leave you with this sequence of weed burning gameplay video from the game Far Cry 3. Enjoy.

Source - TechMainDownloads

h/t TheLadBible

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