Whatever happened to us fans? Remember a time when we used to save up all the spare change we could get our hands on to buy that expensive album (in the late nineties, 125 bucks was a lot) by our favourite angrezi artists? That feeling you’d get when you inserted the cassette into the tape recorder and then laid back with the lyrics booklet in hand – where has that gone?

Very few of us listen to full albums anymore. We just keep track of the hits being shared on social media or whatever the record companies decide to feed to us through the radio channels and music apps.

This isn’t a compilation of tracks of artists created by some hipster wearing a fedora. We’ve included very mainstream artists here (if you don’t find some new artists here, it’s probably because I’m too old to know what the kids are listening to these days). But these bands and musicians are much more than their hit songs. They’ve created a treasure trove of awesome songs that are somewhat underrated. But just because these songs aren’t as popular as the hits, doesn’t mean they should remain hidden.

So, check this out.

1. The Beatles – Inner Light