A Gryffindor through and through, a woman of steel who can show warmth when required and possessing a keen edgy sense of sarcasm, Professor McGonagall is a delight to read about ever since we met her as a stern cat in Privet Drive in Harry Potter. One of the few who could snub several (read Umbridge) with her dry wit, her hilarious banter with Quidditch commentator Jordan Lee trashing the foul-playing Slytherin and occasionally joining in by shaking her fist with them and nobody can leave out that golden moment in the Battle of Hogwarts when she charges past Harry leading a bunch of galloping desks with a gash on her cheek screaming “CHARGE!”. Here’s a bunch of her sassiest quotes which will leave you chortling. Enjoy!

Crooked witch hats off to this marvellous, strong woman!

Design Credit: Lakshya Vij