No, this is not a slow news day and no, we aren’t turning into ‘relationship TV’ or something. But this video of a guy getting busted by the two women he’s cheating on is going viral for a reason. And a good one at that.

It’s not just about him cheating on the two women, but it’s also about how he reacts after it. You might wonder why the women, who were in contact with each other before the video, decide to bust the guy in a mall, but once you see how he reacts, you’ll understand why.

But first, watch the video.

Source – Willow Manhattan

Did you see the part where he aggressively walks towards the woman shooting the video? No wonder the other woman says – 

Don’t walk towards her like that. We know how you are.

The man’s blank eyes and aggressive body language provide a scary glimpse into how abusers behave. Even in a crowded mall, he could hardly contain his anger. Imagine what he would/could have done had they confronted him in an isolated place. Good on them for standing up to the douche and displaying some good ‘ol sisterhood. You go girls!

Redditors, like always, had their own take on it.

Don’t cheat, people. You’ll get busted. And when you do get caught, don’t be an ass about it.