White people are so scared of Black people They bulldoze out to the country And put up houses on little loop-d-loop streets And while America gets its heart cut right out of its chest The Berlin wall still runs down main street Separating east side from west.

opening lines to Subdivision by Ani Difranco .

The more you read about police using excess force in America, especially against the African American community, the more Difranco’s words seem true.

There’s a reason why #BlackLivesMatter is still a very relevant call out for change. A change in policing strategies. In a mixed race crowd, why a police officer thinks it’s okay to restrain only the minorities and not the rest, is beyond me. Why he thinks it’s okay to manhandle a young woman who had just come to a pool party and then shove her head to the ground, is another question that needs an answer. And why the same cop feels the need to point a gun towards unarmed black kids, is something perhaps cops in America need to ask themselves. Also, why is he doing a barrel roll?

Here’s the video from McKinney, TX, that is going viral. Check it out.

The chaos started when partygoers confronted a white woman who made racist comments directed towards African American attendees. Some adults even told the black kids to return to “Section 8 [public] housing”. They even claimed that outsiders were not allowed to use the local community pool, which was a false claim because the party was actually advertised as ‘free entry’ on social media.

The cop, identified as Eric Casebolt, has been placed on leave after news of the incident gained more traction on social media.