The history of the world is indeed intriguing. There have been events and personalities that have changed its course over time. We can’t really go back and witness everything that happened. But there are moments that have been captured on camera which give us a rare insight into how history took its path and led the world to where it is today.

Some of these images are sad, some as random as they can be, but many are shocking and surprising. But the rarity will keep you spellbound till the very end of the list. Have a look:

1. One of the last known photos of the Titanic before it sank, circa 1912.

2. The first McDonald’s, circa 1937.

3. Albert Einstein enjoying a summer day at Nassau Point, Long Island, New York in 1939

4. Adolf Hitler practicing for his speech, 1925.

5. Robin Williams dressed as a cheerleader during the 1980s.

6. Mohammed Ali convinces a man against committing suicide, circa 1981.

7. Barack Obama with his high school basketball team.

8. Music legends Madonna, Sting and Tupac having some fun over a meal.

9. The original ‘Star Wars’ cast before they started shooting for the films.

10. Recording of the MGM lion. Audio and visual.

11. Two geniuses in their own fields: Charlie Chaplin and Albert Einstein.

12. Osama Bin Laden with his family in Sweden, circa 1970. Osama is standing 2nd from right in green and blue.

13. And here he is after a judo session.

14. Martin Luther King Jr with ‘The Godfather’, Marlon Brando.

15. One of first computers ever made, the ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer). Made in USA.

16. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates having a chat over the future of computers, circa 1991.

17. The founders of Harley Davidson Motorcycles; William Harley and Arthur Davidson, pictured in 1914.

18. Johnny Depp pictured with the music band Oasis in his younger days.

19. Adolf Hitler as the best man in Joseph Goebbels’ wedding.

20. Stephen Hawking pictured on his wedding day with his wife, Jane Wilde on 14th July, 1965.

21. The last London rooftop performance of ‘The Beatles, circa 1969.

22. A rare pic of Robert Downey Jr and legendary guitarist, Slash.

23. Execution by cannon in Iran, circa 19th century.

24. The infamous couple Bonnie & Clyde’s car after the outlaws were ambushed and shot on 23rd May, 1934.

25. And this was the amount of ammunition found in that car.

26. The launch of Windows 95.

27. A young Bill Clinton meets John F. Kennedy.

28. Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee.

29. The construction of the Eiffel Tower tower, 1880.

30. The Gare Montparnasse train derailment in Paris, France, circa 1895.

31. Steve McQueen and James Coburn serving as pallbearers at Bruce Lee’s funeral on 20th July, 1973.

32. The Rolling Stones clicked after a beer session, circa 1963.

33. Graham Jackson Sr playing his accordion during the funeral procession of his friend, President Franklin D Roosevelt.

34. Dubbed as the ‘Most beautiful suicide’, this is a picture of Evelyn McHale, 23, who jumped from the Empire State building and landed on a limousine.

It was given that title because she looked so peaceful, as though just lying with her eyes closed and thinking.

35. Initial drawings of Mickey Mouse by Walt Disney.

36. Vladimir Putin photographed as a teenager. He’s the one wearing a cap.

37. The construction of Mount Rushmore, 1939.

38. Elvis Presley serving for the American Army in 1958.

39. Wives and girlfriends of World War II soldiers kissing them goodbye before they head to the war.

40. Albert Einstein’s study on the day of his death, 18th April, 1955.

41. Bill Gates’ mug shot after being caught for driving without a license.

42. Kathrine Switzer tries to complete the 1967 Boston Marathon as event organisers try to stop her. Women weren’t allowed to run the marathon, but she still finished.

43. Queen Elizabeth during her World War II service.

44. Adolf Hitler’s pants after the failed assassination attempt on him in 1944.

45. The last known Tasmanian Tiger clicked in 1933.

They are now extinct.

46. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose meets Hitler in May, 1942.

47. Hitler’s bunker called Führerbunker, after the fall of Berlin and Hitler’s death, 30th April, 1945.

The room was partially burnt and stripped of evidence before the Russians invaded.

48. A Russian spy laughs during his execution in 1939.

49. The Boeing B-29 Super-fortress bomber that dropped the atomic bomb over Hiroshima & Nagasaki on 6th August, 1945.

50. And this is Nagasaki 20 minutes after the bomb was dropped on 9th August, 1945.