Remember when women were not allowed to vote? Also, when education for women was unheard of? And a woman earning a living was treated as a nightmare? Well, some people have not come very far from that era.

An Instagram user, Andrew Cameron , recently put up a picture of an advertisement he spotted in a subway in Toronto.

There is nothing much that can be said about the advertisement, except that it is appalling.

He described the advertisement as ‘#misogyny disguised as #activism’. The advertisement was for an anti-feminist group called A Voice For Men.

Another Instagram account by the name Torontotoronto46 , put up a picture of a response that was spotted, probably, in the same subway.

A photo posted by @torontotoronto46 on

Looks like it will take some people a long time to understand that feminism is not a war against men, and that it merely aims for an egalitarian society.

An advertisement like that does not only undermine women but also highlights men in a wrong light.

As the anonymous poster of the reply said – thank you to all the women and men who support feminism.