Recently, a Russian body-builder, took social media by storm after pics of his bulked up biceps went viral, but now it seems he might face amputation of his arms.

Kirill Tereshin revealed that he developed his Popeye-like arms after injecting them with a homemade concoction, a Synthol muscle-enhancement oil.

But in a recent Instagram post, the former Russian soldier said his ‘bazooka arms are about to fall off’.

According to the Daily Mail, doctors have repeatedly warned him about the oil’s usage, saying he could suffer from paralysis and ultimately have to get them amputated.

In various pictures, his biceps appear disproportionately large and swollen, with purple colouration. Despite the numerous warnings, Kirill has said that he only plans on stopping the injections to his biceps when he hits the 27 inch mark. Currently he’s at 23 inches.

He also plans to ‘improve’ his chest and back after. Synthol, the oil he’s injecting, is made up of 85% oil, 7.5% lidocaine and 7.5% alcohol.

“I would like to get more than one million subscribers on Instagram and to stop working”, he said to the Daily Mail.