Okay, so I like the fact that Coca Cola seems to be trying to fight real issues like online bullying, newsroom angst and all other kinds of hate we see on social media. This explains why their #MakeItHappy campaign is doing so well.

Let's watch their latest Super Bowl slot ad.

But here's the thing. As someone who likes his hardware (pause while you judge me for saying that), can I just say how much this makes me cringe? No, I don't want to make this world a happier place by pouring an aerated soft drink on my electronics.

I get it, Coke. The drink spilling on the server is a metaphor for how the drink connects everyone. But this approach might soon see you having to deal with people who try to sue you because your ad did not fix their problem but instead ruined their electronics.

Nice try, Coke. But you cannot make me ruin my motherboard.